This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I can buy a new war hammer for my daughter and myself. But I wanted to see if anyone here had a decent quality used one (or two) they weren't using anymore. I wanted to give anyone here a chance first.

I plan to order a couple of new ones after the weekend if I can't locate a used one.

Here is the criteria:
Style: English War Hammer / Heavy War Hammer (like on kult of athena website) - does not have to be this exact style.
(But not the German War Hammer - too short of a head and beak to hook and pull.)

Must have a steel head , beak, and langets.
No wall-hangers, please.
total head/beak length about 6.+ inches (ideally 6.75 to 8 in)
Handle must be wood (because of the langets)
Overall weight appx. 3 lbs - 5 lbs (can be more or a little less)
Preferably about 23" -25"+ overall.

I am not rich and can't afford a custom hammer (let alone 2). I am hoping that someone has one sitting around that needs a good home.

Thank you very much,