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For sale is the standard Historic Enterprises Breastplate, Italian ca.1360-1415. It is a Historic Enterprises size Large (Large 46" chest, 40" waist, .062" (1.5mm) thickness ). It is made from 1050 hardened and tempered spring steel. The vertical measurement from the center of the neckline to the waistline is 16''.

The inside of the breastplate is painted black. In the photos you will see that the paint has worn away around the edges of the inside of the breasplate from me wearing it over a maille haubergeon. The straps when shipped were really long so I trimmed them down. The waist strap still measures over the advertised 40''. Shoulder straps were trimmed too.

I'm getting rid of it because it's too big for me, there's nothing wrong with it. It's in great shape and looking for a loving home. It has never been struck. It's just been in Living History demos and timelines.

Brand new this is a $575 piece with an 8-12 week wait time. I will sell this for $425 shipped, PayPal only (I'll eat the paypal fee). CONUS only. Reasonable offers will of course be entertained.

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