targe tacks
Does anyone know a good source of brass tacks suitable for highland type targes? Preferably in the UK or EU.
Hi Neal,

I don't know how historically accurate they are, but I've used upholstery nails/ Furniture tacks for my bucklers/ targes. A quick Google search will ping up some available from Amazon, or you can nip down to your local Wilkos and see what they have on offer (mine has shiny brass ones, as well as antiqued versions which look quite nice).


Not UK/EU, unfortunately, but shipping might not be too bad.


I bought enough of those Matoska high dome tacks for a targe project many years ago and never got around to using them. Maybe I'll get back to it some day.
Thanks guys! I have some upholstery tacks somewhere from my last targe.The high domes look about right though,
Hi Neal,

I did use the largest thumb tacks produced by 'FISCO" for a similar project a while back, a good 15mm across. The shanks were pretty substantial too. They were plain and had the advantage of not looking like your everyday upholstery tacks.

I recall having to pick them up from their factory in Essex for some weird reason but a search might trawl them up.



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