Anyone ever hear of Kosher swords from Barsuk?
I was sent a link to their facebook page. They have promised a website, but that was a few months ago. Really nice inlay work
but I can find nothing about them and they don't answer posts to their page.

Looks good. I am glad to see more smiths doing inlay... My interest these days pretty much requires inlay for it to even catch my eye.
It is awfully nice inlay and hilt work but the blades look a little rough. Too bad about the lack of communication. It would be really nice to see what they would charge for one of these...
I saw this page the other day as well. Great looking inlay, very clean, but again, rougher blades and grips. I wonder if they're willing to do just the furniture components, i.e. ship out or have them make them, and add them to a sword yourself/have someone else assemble the lot
I was wondering the same thing. A really nicely done blade with some of these hilts would be excellent!
Some of the sword threads say "Negotiate price".
OK, so these folks are still alive! I just got this message:

At the moment master doesn't work. But we suppose he will start working soon.

Best regards
Kosher Swords

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