I hope you can help me with this i really like the stuff here but i fear my own isn't close to that level.
My primary sword i'm using is a Armorymarek sword with hilt/guard close to Albion Markgraf. And I'm trying to sell a Fabri Armorum with scabbard and want to buy a Albion Liechtenauer for that money.
Any guesses would be very friendly.

I think you have not received any responses because people aren't really sure what you want. When you write "any guesses", I'm not clear what you mean. "Any guesses" about what? Whether you can sell your swords? Whether or not the swords you have mentioned are appropriate for the sword practice that you want to do?

If you can clarify, that might help us help you.
I think I hoped for some hints if my (blunt) fabri armorum / jiri krondak sword is really worth the price i hope to get.
Well I told the scabbard maker to make it after a painting i don't think he even closely hit the point. ( the scabbard the man at the right side wears)
The Scabbard holder is my own invention.
After all it seems hard to get a used Albion Talhoffer or preferably Liechtenauer under $500.
I hoped for some hints if the prices i'm hoping for aren't absolutely illusionous.

Pictures of mine:
Hi Thorsten,

my best guess: your Krondak is worth 150 Euros plus whatever you have paid for your scabbard-thingy (looks not that well made to me).

Albion Liechtenauers in used condition are worth 300 and more Euros, depending on said condition.

Best wishes,
i bought that scabbard-thingy at (only in german) for as far as i remember 120-130 euros
well it's just my first sword, i like my blunt marek way more but it's still not perfect (
liechtenauers in said condition for sale seem to be very rare.

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