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Hey Everyone,

I had a break-in at my house this last week and need to make upgrades to the property to correct some deficiencies. The insurance is covering the lost items, but it is taking longer than I would like. In the mean time I'm going to be posting some various items for sale from my own collection and custom projects that I haven't had time to finish.

Up first is a custom katana that I've had on my page for a while, but haven't been actively attempting to sell:

1095 Shinogi-Zukuri Katana

This is a katana that I forged out a few years ago, and had originally planned on keeping for myself. With my current assignments with the Army, I won't have time to work much on very many projects in the close future.

I am offering this blade at a discount and it is ready to ship as is. The blade is currently in a 240 grit grinder finish, and ready for foundation stone work.

Specs are as follows:

Blade Length: 27.63"
Width @ Shoulders: 1.23"
Width @ Point: 0.93"
Thickness @ Shoulders: 0.30"
Thickness @ Points: 0.182"

Burglary Sale Price: $1100

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Next, I have an unfinished set of Albion Next Gen Knight parts for sale. I had purchased these while I still worked for Albion, and they came from lots of standard production parts.

The blade has been heat-treated, and ground to 3/4 of the way to completion. All the edge geometry has been fully established and the fuller has been ground and given the initial polish. The blade is currently in a 240 grit finish, but after sitting around in my shop/storage, it has a few minor rust spots that will come out with a little handwork.

The hilt castings are "as received" from the foundry. The sprues are still attached, and would need to be filed/ground down, and the surfaces polished to the desired level. The wooden grip core is fully shaped and ready to be popped apart and glued in place (after the pommel and guard are peened in place). The rivet block is one of Albion's standard machined pieces and are normally shaped after they are peened in place.

I can include some cord to do the under-risers with, and leather to do the wrap with if desired. I will also write up any instructions the purchaser needs.

Asking price is $400 plus $30 shipping CONUS

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Lastly, I have a matched set of Filmswords from their Conan collection. These swords were ones that I made while I was still employed at Albion for my personal collection. Both swords are sharpened. These are both "Un-numbered" and I do not have any of the certificates that would normally accompany them. Mike Sigman at Albion can be contacted if authenticity needs to be verified, he is aware that I am selling these.

20th Anniversary Conan the Barbarian
Atlantean Sword™

Overall length: 38 7/8"
Blade Length: 28 1/8" from emergence from casting, 21.25" from end of langets
Blade width at end of langets: 3"
Grip length: 5.35"
Blade thickness: .25" at base
CoG: 4.5" from end of grip
(1" from blade's emergence from casting)
Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz

Asking $2,500

20th Anniversary Conan the Barbarian
Master's (Father's) Sword™

Overall length: 38 1/2''
Blade length: 29"
PoB: at the tip of the snout
(4 3/4'' from the grip)
CoP: 14 1/2''
Weight: 7.5 lbs

Asking $3,000

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This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Conan Swords Sold...Thanks Don!!!
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active


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