Armour Class Stirling hilt sabre
A few pictures to show off the workmanship of Scottish swordmaker Armourclass, of Glasgow.

Long ago I posted an article comparing the Cold Steel 1796 pattern light cavalry sabre to an original trooper's sword by Osborn & Gunby, with some photo's and measurements.

My plan had been to have the Cold Steel sabre blade hilted with a basket, a cheaper alternative to having a custom blade made, yet reasonable quality for the money.

The inspiration was the basket hilted sabre on page 27 of 'Culloden: The swords and the sorrows', National Trust for Scotland, 1996. This is a stunning twin fullered sabre, blade inscription dating to 1662, hilt probably later c.1690.

In the end I opted for Armourclass to make the hilt and specifically one of their beautiful Stirling hilts.

I think Iain and team made a fine job of the sword, the green dyed fish skin grip has grown on me, the hilt work superb.

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I like it!
Gives me ideas, it does :)
Wow! That really turned out well. Congratulations on a beautiful sword! :)
Now that is an attractive piece, congratulations! A basket hilt sabre with a P1796LC blade ticks two of my boxes in one go :).

I have a standard Dragoon Sword from Iain and it is one of my favourite pieces to fence with. He does good work.

How does yours handle?
It's no lightweight at 3lb 8 oz and a POB at 5 & 1/4 inches from the guard.

The Cold Steel blade is heavy compared to original p.1796 sabre blades: Linear distal taper and a thicker cross section from back to edge.

The hilt work by Armourclass is beautiful though and overall fit and finish excellent.

Armourclass hilts and workmanship thoroughly recommended.

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Hah! No lightweight indeed. Still manageable though I imagine, especially when manoeuvring it round the POB.

Hefty as it is I wouldn't want to face the business end I have to say.
That sword looks awsome! Well done AC!

I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of Scottish swords would fit in a thimble with room left over but that is clearly a beautiful sword and you are to be congratulated for the idea and Armour Class for the wonderful execution of the hilt.

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