Anglo Saxon Type L spear head
I just received my new Anglo Saxon type L spear head. It is fairly different from the usually marketed items in that it is corrugated. It doesn't show in the photos well, but on each side one half of the blade is deeply recessed.
Made by Peter Szabo. He did a fantastic job in forging it and faithfully replicated the drawing I sent
Really nice to see an s-profile spearhead. Not enough reconstructions show this very common feature. Lovely work and well done for commissioning it Robert.
It is on the basis of some specific findings?
Can you post an image of the original, and dating?
2 mins googling gets me this lot:

Type L These stepped spearheads have a concave angular shape similar to those of series H, varying in length from 8" - 14" (20cm - 35cm). This type of head often has a 'binding-ring' at the junction of the blade and cleft socket. This type is found throughout England south of the Wash, but is rare in Kent and East Anglia. They generally date to the fifth and early sixth centuries.




nothing precisely like it but if Matt says its good, fine by me!
this spear had my attention for a while since i saw a drawing of one in a book. the book had a lot of Victorian era art work in it so i didn't know how well to take the interpretation of it. the drawing i saw it look as it the spear had a large central fuller.

i think its a unique style attributed to Anglo/Saxon spear that seem to be 'corrugated.'
Thanks guys, this cool spear.
Spear Head
To help clarify this is found in my copy of “Spearheads of the Anglo-Saxon Settlements” It is a type L with corrugated section found in the Anglo Saxon Cemetery at Nassington. In the drawing, it is the one with the ring.


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I forgot to add that most of this type are late 5th or early 6th century.

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