Effigy detail - knees with "frills"
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This effigy has what I think is the fabric backing the knees beautifully detailed. This doesn't look like leather to me. Is there any record of what all might have been used behind poleyn etc. other than leather? I'd love to recreate something like this but most of what I've seen in recreated pieces has been fairly simple leather. I do some leatherwork but this looks to me like it might be fancy fabric with embroidery and other fineries on it. Thoughts? Also, with this much fancy detail, what are the chances it would hold itself up? I would think if it were anything but the heaviest leather it would flop over. I guess it could be sewn to the chausses; is there any evidence for this?

Sorry if I'm really getting into the weeds here. It just looks cool.
Who, and from what date/s is this effigy from? The all mail arms, full plate legs and elongated hourglass gauntlets are intriguing, not to mention the decorated guige strap
Sorry to neglect that.

Johann II
Church, Heilsbronn, Bavaria, Germany
The full plate legs and maille arms with the long hourglass (or early jointed) gloves could be indication of the armour being adapted mainly for mounted combat, where attacks to the arms would be less likely and the legs would be very exposed to thrusting weapons in particular.

There are plenty of replicas of 14th century legs with leather frills in different shapes and forms, haven't seen this particular fancyness though, could it be brass inlays on the legplates instead?

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