Help with appraisal ..
Hi everyone - I have 4 swords - one of which is a medieval Spanish knight sword - 15-16th century
43 inch blade, 7.5 inch pommel and 1 whopping 14 inch cross guard.

I'm in need of appraisal, as all documents are lost (fire) and there doesn't seem
to be anyone in my area who could appraise.

Any help is much appreciated.

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That looks like a Victorian-era decorative replica to me, possibly later. I could be wrong, but I think that is going to turn out to be a significantly younger sword than you've been led to believe.
Thanks Sam ..

the pics don't give an accurate view. However if it is a replica - it is a very old one.

I also have a very aged sword cane that has a lot of engraving on the blade,
as well as a UK cavalry dress sabre (fnon-sharp) also with a lot of engraving.
And a very unique long blade with beagles heads on the cross guard.

I'll put up some pics soon, out of town for a bit right now.
All in need of some dating.
A full-length picture of the blade would be helpful. Some blades were re-hilted many times during their life, so a look at the whole thing could be more informative than just the shot of the hilt. :)
I would agree with Sam

I'm with Sam as well. The sword has the "look" of a Victorian piece. The blade just might be original, but the hilt screams copy. Still, it's a nice looking piece and probably worth something even if it is a copy.
If there are any marks on the blade or furniture, pictures of those would also be very helpful.
Thanks for everyone's comments so far:
Here is a full length shot .. new to this forum,
haven't figured out how to get more than one pic in an email.
So I'll have to post a couple of responses to get the m all in.

Ok - this time with a pic.

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Here is a close up as well.

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Welcome to the forum Taelin . I would definitely agree with the others ,this sword doesn't appear to date from the 15th century. Here are a few tell-tale signs, Inspecting the blade specifically : You can see that there is only a very light pantina on the blade as a whole... the surface seems very smooth, with no pits ,scratches or dings. 500 year old weapons tend to have a little bit more wear than that.Granted,it could have been judicously "cleaned" ,and there are also examples of pieces from this time period in pristine condition, but I'm refering to what is commonplace.

The fuller. It looks odd. Hard to tell from the photos, but it looks rather shallow,and ill-defined. It may just be me, but the fuller also seems to terminate too early ,and also rather disgracefully. The fuller and surrounding surfaces of the blade in the picture of the blade forte also look suspiciously "perfect" as if they were ground with a relatively modern machine. Once again, there are examples of workmanship looking like that on historical pieces, so it is in the realm of possibility.

No makers mark? I didn't see any markings whatsoever on the blade in the photos. If there are any, they will be helpful in identification. However, if they are indeed lacking, that could also be a sign that this blade probably isn't an original.

I'm no museum arms currator, so take my two cents worht with a grain of salt . Regardless, if it is a replica, it is a very nicely executed one . Be proud to own it :)

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