Replica wheellocks?
Where could I find a maker of replica wheellocks, I have been searching for a while and have not had much success.
the rifle shoppe offers some.
like this beauty

the problem is, you get the kit and have to build it yourself. i personally dont think i could do it (and later even dare to fire it), but maybe you find a local gunsmith who can assemble it for a reasonable price. has some.
I'd like to see some real, firing replicas., and as accurate as possible. I heard Uberti and Dixie Gun Works used to make a firing wheel-lock, but I can't find a thing on it now. Oak Arms in Bugaria is taking orders, but I suspect they will be quite expensive and who knows about historical accuracy.
Loyalist Arms is making one fairly cheap:
Thanks for the links guys, but more specifically does produce some of the earlier style wheellocks from about 1500-1580.
Isaac D Rainey wrote:
Thanks for the links guys, but more specifically does produce some of the earlier style wheellocks from about 1500-1580.

What you are looking for is almost certainly going to require custom work. Production wheel-locks like the Loyalist Arms version are made in India and while they look good, they do not always function as we would like. As you are no doubt aware, the wheel-lock mechanism was pretty complicated for the time and somewhat delicate and that certainly holds true of the Indian versions which are available from a number of sources.

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Ian Hutchison wrote:
Loyalist Arms is making one fairly cheap:

Pirate Fashions, who I had not heard of before this post, says they use Loyalist Arms parts for one of their pistols. It looks like they replaced the teak stock which comes on the L/A pistol with one they make out of walnut and used all the metal parts from the L/A gun. Aside from that I think it is the same pistol. They claim their gun is proof tested and, if so, they are doing it because those pistols come from India with no touch holes and therefore cannot have been proved.

Nice looking guns but I would be very cautious about firing one with ball. Blanks are probably going to be OK.
guess i know what you are looking for, im interested in the same.
but actually i dont know who makes replicas of these, all i know are from the early 17th cent. onwards.
so instead i`ll just post some photos i took of early wheellocks in the vienna arsenal. if you come to know some good dealer, pls pm me.

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An aquintance of mine has a pair of custom made reiter wheellocks. I don't have the gunsmiths name, but he was czech. The price for a such gun was about 800€ If I remember correctly. I can ask for my pal for a link if you're interested.

e: I sent him an email, I'll respond when I get the contact info

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I would be very interested, if you could get a hold of him that would be great.
Okay, I got some details,
The guns were made by Bolesław Maciaszczyk, his email is
He doesn't have a website but he has a lot of videos on youtube
He's an active member on the blackpowder forum pre-flintlock section.
My friend would recommend his product, but there's probably a queue of months. But I suppose that's just another recommendation when talking about custom work.

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