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I sell this one-edged sword from Southern Germany, called "Langes Messer" (or just "Messer"). You can find it pictured for example in the Fechtbücher (fencing books) of Hans Talhoffer.
Weapons like this were in use in the 15th and 16th centuries. This particular piece dates from around 1500 with a very typical pommel for that time.

This is an excavated piece that seems to have been restored with some sort of acid, so the overall condition is less good than it could have been. However, pieces like this are quite rare and it is a good opportunity to get a "real late medieval sword". It is a beautiful and elegant weapon.

I myself bought it some years ago in a respected German auction house (not ebay, a real one). It is therefore completely legal to sell and buy it. I paid a bit more than for what I sell it now.

Price is 300 Euro, that's 394 USD or 258 £ (according to Google).

Overall length: 85.0 cm
Blade length: 72.0 cm
Weight: 585 g

Please contact me via private message if interested

Best regards,

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