Any ideas as to the origin of this knife?
Picked this up today, no idea what I have here.

Thanks in advance!

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There are all kinds of push daggers our there, the Indian katar being perhaps the best known. I don't think that's a katar. Honestly, it looks like someone with horses maybe had a spare hay hook and anvil around and decided to have some fun.
It almost looks like someone forged a hay hook into a push knife, though the blade looks a little thick and wide for this to be the case. looks like someone's home made version of a push dagger. Somehow, I doubt it's be very effective . It doesn't have much of a point, or an edge..and with a grip like that, I doubt one would be able to deliver an effective 'punch'. That round grip would let the blade rotate too easily out of alignment if it met any resistance
An interesting find, anyway :)

Hay harpoons generally have a toggle of some sort and tend to be fairly long shafts leading up to the point.


Obviously it's a thing-a-ma-bob that is used for a whatcha-ma-call-it.

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