I'm interested in their model 1822 light cavalry sabre http://www.militaryheritage.com/images/1822%2...abre_1.jpg

i have owned an original one i'm well aware that this repro is not comparable with a true military sabre,

i know also that it is manifactured in india and that it can be sold by different vendors for different prices, my question are:

it is the vendor reliable and with fair prices? or the same product can be found for a lower price?

taking in account that it is a fairly cheap reproduction, it is worth the price in terms of quality of steel and handling?

from what i have found on the web, their product are ok from a visual point of view and a bit heavy on the handling side,

(even if i have to say that my original sabre was not super light or particularly fast too, as the blade was a fighting one, thick and wide)