cinquedea hilt
does anyone know how the cinquedea hilts are make? i need to know what is inside the grip. i have found pictures of blade with the very narrow tang... but what with the decorative pins going through the bone covering? they are bigger then the tang width! pictures of the broken cinquedea hilt could be helpful. thank you for any help.

Many of the Cinquedeas I'm familiar with use horn, bone, or wood scales over a full tang. So the shape of the tang is formed into the handle and scales are made to cover it.

See here:

Here are some pictures with exposed tangs:
Looking at the tang in the links makes me think they are framed. The stick tang is fit into a steel frame that is the shape of the handle, and the slab grips are put over the whole thing.
thank you...
but what with the tang like here?

there is no holes for pins. should be 4 holes on the tang (two small and two big) there is only one near the blade because tang is to thin for others.

another question is how the so wide part of the tang(in the pommel area) could go through the small collar at the crossguard? there is no visible bigger hole in the crossguard.
Cinquedea "crossguard" would be made from two halves, I guess (some were riveted - see holes in upper part of some blades), so no prob. with a tang width at a pommel.

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