Arms and Armour from Iran.
Oh, just noticed that this book is now available from Freelance Academy Press:

I purchased this book directly from Europe at a higher price a few years back and it's a great book with beautiful illustrations and photography and very informational.

There are two other books by Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani that I may purchase myself at a later time: Mostly the one dealing with Persian martial Arts.
Glad to see that these books are being stocked by Freelance Academy Press and available in North America.
Thanks for the heads-up, Jean. Both of those look quite interesting and cover a subject we don't often find here.
Very interesting find! Alas, I'm just a poor college student, but maybe a library will stock these books someday. Iranian arms and armor are fascinating and overlooked.
It is worth saving for. It is the definitive work on the subject and a beautiful book in its own right.
Arms and Armor of Iran
I am with Mr Howard on this ... My Bride bought me this book for a Christmas present a few years back ... It is a lovely book with wonderful photos and illustrations and technical information.
Manouchehr is an aquaintance of mine, and his interpretation of historical Ramafzar (Persian Martial Arts) is awesome. I haven't sparred with him, but it is definitely on my Martial Arts to-do list, somewhere near the top.

He also travels and gives instructional seminars. I believe a minimum of 20 interested people is required for this. He can be contacted via Facebook under "Ramafzar" if anyone is interested. He also taught this year at the International Sabre Symposium in Hamburg, and I think he'd like to do it again.

I know of nobody who knows more about Persian Arms and Armour than he does. I might point him to this post, he loves to see people enjoying his books.

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