help - Armour identification
Can you help me to identify armour from old drawing of medieval tomb?
Which period is this? ... and could you show me some examples of this kind of armour in museums?
I need to prepare some visualisation from this armour - thanks for any help.
here is the drawing:
[ Linked Image ]
>google auto translate helps

you're looking at a harness form the first half of the 14th century (probably pretty contemporary to the death date of 1356) and the harness looks to be an proto white armor; articulating steel limb defences (3 lame cop for the elbows on full vambrace and rearbrace and floating knees with full shynbald or greave sabatons, and cuisse plate) with either a breastplate with faulds or a globose breastplate with a mail or scale skirt hidden under the tight fitting tabard. Being poland, it looks like this particular armor and warrior (or at least the sculptor) retained the idea of weapon chains long after it was common in the west; generally they are looked on as a earlier phenomenon common during the decline of the greathelm and the use of a coat of plates for rigid chest defense. this is possibly due to Teutonic influence to the region- the great northern crusade would have seen it's fair share of weapon chains on teutonic knights, so it may have stuck around in the harnesses of westernized nobility for longer than it did in central and western Europe.
thank you, I know this note in Polish. here you can see more details from original sculpture:
so, can you show me some example of this kind of armour in museum? maybe some similar set.

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