Can anyone tell me more about this Austrian sabre?
I just got this sword and was wanting to find out more about it.
It looks like the Austrian 1861 sabre, but the hilt is brass. It has an unmarked blade that doesn't appear to have ever been sharpened. The blade is just barely curved, and the sword is quite light.
The extra piece you usually see on the back of the 1861 hilt is missing, but you can see where it used to attach.
Thanks for any information.
Do you have a better shot of the blade profile? The steel looks awful strange, though it may just be the lighting.
It's just the lighting in that last photo. The blade is well polished but with scattered patina spots.
Early M1861 swords have ray-skin covered grips. This might be a later version or it was most probably regripped. No wonder the blade wasn't ever sharpened for this type of sword was actually never used in battle as weapon. This sword was not only for infantry officers, it was used by other non-military organisations as well. The following link contains most of the Austro-Hungarian sword types:
Originally it was made in 3 different sizes (BL 75, 80 and 85 cm. - if I'm not wrong) according to the height of the owner. Blade width can also vary from 20 to 35 mm. Back than an officer could have many swords as private property according to the event ex. one with wide blade for military parades and another with thin blade just for going out in town or for dancing.
This swords were custom made and can slightly differ in size and shape according to the owner's prefferences.
Well, this is the most common type of A-H sword it was made in large numbers. Some special ones can worth a lot, but usualy for $150-200 you can buy a decent piece.

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