Things to see in Lisbon/Portugal
i'm planning a trip to Portugal, probably in the Lisbon area. Are there any sword and armour related museum that I should see?

Thanks in advance
Hi Bruno - I was there a couple of years ago. I visited a few museums, but the best for swords was the 'Museu Militar'. Just a small section on medieval swords, but a very nice Danish XVIIIe with a subtle flair to the base of the blade - not something I have seen elsewhere in my limited museum experience :)
There are other arms - some pretty spectacular - and a basement full of canons (the oldest dating to the 14th century I think).
Be sure to visit the Castle of São Jorge too, if you have time. It is close to the Museu Militar (~20 minute walk), provides a great view of the city, and... is a medieval castle! Enough said ;)
Have fun!
I was in Lisbon last fall. What a beautiful place. Of course, I didn't get to any museums, because it's pretty difficult to convince a group of 20 something submariners who haven't seen the sun in a couple of months to go to a museum when there is so much beer that needs drinking and so many girls who need to be awkwardly approached :lol:

I would certainly second the recommendation to check out the Castello de Sao Jorge. The view up there at sunset overlooking the city on one side and the bay on the other is magnificent. Pena Palace, though not medieval, was also very neat and speaking of views...

I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip, I certainly did.

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