A foursome: grip, rainguard, scabbard, belt
Hello everyone,

today I finished my scabbard project from last year. It consisted of four parts: I renewed the grip of my hand-and-a-half-sword, attached a rainguard, made a scabbard and a belt with suspension system.

I disassembled the grip completely, wrapped the wooden core in linnen, glued on a riser and wrapped it in leather. After that, I attached a rainguard, tooled in a fashion of original finds from the netherlands. The scabbard has a core of hollowed wooden slats, lined with trimmed rabbit fur. The outside is wrapped in linnen and bone glue. The leather is stitched in place, a metal chape protects the tip. The belt straps are knotted onto the scabbard using Matthieu Harlauts guide, which he did post here some years ago. They are attached to the belt via two hooks (similar to contemporary portraits, e.g. Montefeltro) and a third strap is buckled in the front of the belly. All metal parts are tinned brass made by Holger Ratsdorf and Marco Disaro.

More pictures can be found on my blog: http://maerenundlobebaeren.tumblr.com/ tagged with scabbard or diy.

Thanks for looking,

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That's how it started. It's a blunt by Jiri Krondak.

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The renewed grip and rainguard.

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The rainguard.

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The knots are made after 15th century fashion.

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Well, it's done.

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Hooks secure the straps to the belt. Another strap is buckled up front.

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Today I completed the riveting and knotting...
I quite like that rig! The color combination is a bit unusual, but very striking. How about a pic of it being worn? Very nice work. :D ..........McM
Hi Mark,

thanks for the kind words. The color scheme is a little bit unusual for todays eyes, yes. But I checked some period paintings, and the black/red combination was quite common. And the brownish straps weren't that uncommon either. I thought about dyeing the straps red or black, but then I decided to only wax em with bees wax (which made them darker).

This is one of my period examples (St. George):

and Montefeltro for sure:

St. George wears his sword very low on the hips. If I were gonna wear it that low, I couldn't reach for the hilt wearing my breast plate... So I did try to copy Montefeltros style. I'll post some pictures wearing it, as soon as I have finished some more arming points for my plate parts...

So long,
I love it! WAY better than the original, and black and red are Scorpio colors. Big improvement.
So, I geared up and had some pictures taken. That's how it hangs... Could have done the belt a bit tighter.

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hanging sword.jpg
I need a squire to help fasten all these points and buckles...
Stellar work, sir. Simply stellar.

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