For Sale: several high end swords 1
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have for sale 3 lovely swords

1.The first is an Albion Castellan with a beautiful ox blood Tods stuff wood core scabbard with by knife and pricker set mounted in the front of the scabbard. I have never used the sword to cut with so the blade is pristine.

The Castellan cost me 980 and scabbard cost me close to 600. So in total over 1500. Now I'm fully aware that in the states Albion swords are significantly cheaper at approximately an equal $ to rate so I am willing to take a hit on the price of the sword. However the scabbard must remain at a fair proportion of its cost.

I am willing to sell both for $1700 or 1317.

2. The second is a blunt Arma Bohemia late 15th century baselard with a wood core scabbard, and a belt made by myself using Tods stuff components. It is a beautiful piece and handles wonderfully for a blunt.

It cost me 410 or $528 plus the price of the Tods stuff fittings and is in perfect condition

I'm looking for 400 or $530

3. Finally I have a box fresh Del Tin late 14th century cut and thrust sword with a wire wrapped grip.

I'm looking for 236 or $305

Shipping will be extra on all of the above

Contact me at: for pictures or to discuss prices.

Many thanks

Albion still avsikable
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

The Arma Bohemia and del tin are now sold

The Albion castellan is still available.

I am willing to sell the scabbard and sword seperately for anyone who already owns a castellan and wishes to have a high end scabbard for it.

Sold seperately the Castellan is $900

The tods stuff scabbard is $650

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