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Show us your Game of Thrones inspired kits
Hi Everyone,
I am sure that with the popularity of Game of Thrones a few of us out here have been putting together some GoT kits for Ren Fests or what have you. So now it is time to show off your creative side...please post pics of your completed or in progress garb. So no matter the House that you have chosen or if you took up the black...show us what you GoT !!

Below is my first attempt at one .Am still in the process of refining. You can follow along here :

http://www.myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=28012 .

Plus a fantastic site loaded with pics for inspiration...


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Here you go...I hope that there are others coming soon...

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So, ever been to Dragon Con or the NY Ren Faire?



We're looking for members.
I've never been to either one.But I will definitely check them out.I have friends in upstate NY and usually visit once or twice a year.
Hi Phil,

Are the designs on the tunic, stamped ? Could you post some closeups ?

Nice outfit, did you make the separate pieces ?

Mike C, I and a few others are planning to go to the NY Renfair the end of next year in Nights Watch garb and we're looking for ideas.

I'm currently waiting for a dyed blanket to dry so I can make it into a cloak. My tunic is cut out and awaiting grommets and some belt mount. I plan on using a dyed ace bandage for leg wraps over my boots.

Your gear looks great and you are certainly welcome to join us if you happen to be in the area come next Sept.
I'm working on a vaguely historical version of a Night's Watch get-up: I've not watched more than a few episodes of the show, but I liked how in the books the armour was by and large surprisingly historical for a fantasy series. Maille haubergeon over a black kyrtle, charcoal pants, black winingas, black hooded mantle, very dark blue rectangular cloak, spangenhelm over a coif, and of course the horn (for waking the sleepers) and a spear... I'm hoping to have it finished in time for a Halloween party, I've got some more work to do on the pants and I haven't even started the winingas. I'll make sure to get a picture once it's completed and put it on here.

I'm not going with 100% pure black because I know black was a hard colour to get historically (and as I said, I'm making this a little more historical) and the books talk about a lot of faded blacks
Donning the kit...will be adding a few new Dragon Glass items soon.

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Awesome thread!

Last year I made a Night's Watch inspired get up; it was my first time doing anything like this. The idea was that since the Nights Watch are kind of the "forgotten sons" of Westeros, their supplies are hobbled together from whatever they make, find, or receive. With that in mind, I wanted to have a little bit of armor, so I took the basic Night's Watch look and added a boiled leather vest, spaulders and some steel bracers. I then aged the hell out of everything (especially the steel, which I figured would not hold up well at the Wall.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Here's a couple images.

Here's a harness I made for the sword (a modified Cold Steel Italian Longsword - I re-wrapped the hilt and added the gold wire). Please ignore the silver rivets - hadn't been able to age them at the time of the photo. I'm actually incredibly pleased with this - the sword feels perfectly secured and balanced when being worn :)

I'm also starting work on a screen-accurate Kingsguard outfit. I'll be making this one entirely from scratch, using (mostly) sintra sheets and bondo. Here's the greaves (prior to clean up and painting, obviously).

Very nice kits guys! Christopher, yours looks like it would fit the Commander very well, while Phil's looks more like something a regular Watchman might wear. Kind of makes me want to put one together.

Christopher, those Kingsguard greaves look amazing! Can't wait to see how they turn out finished.
Christopher, are you a member of the RPF? If not, you should get yourself on there. Those guys would love your work.
Thanks guys!

I'm on RPF, but have actually not posted a single thing! More of a lurker. When I progress further with the Kingsguard suit, I'll have to post stuff there.
Get posting! Nothing beats a work in progress thread. I thought of the rpf the second I read "bondo"! There's not a huge amount of GoT stuff on there and I know I've never seen a full kingsguard build. Looks amazing so far, good luck!
Been gone a LOONG time, but the Kingsguard kit is nearly finished! There isn't much left to do; aside from finishing up painting the designs on the shoulder armor, it's basically just tweaking how things attach to each other. It's been a massive undertaking (there are around 800 individual scales drawn, cut, shaped, painted and sewn), but it's (mostly) been great fun. A learning experience at the very least.

Here's a few images:

That's an excellent rendition of the Kingsguard armour, Christopher. You are obviously very talented and dedicated! I imagine you'll now want to get the clothes and cloak to go with it. Show us more pictures when you've finished and are wearing it all.
Thanks, Theo!

Yup, I've already made the cloak and have pants/shirt. Now I'm just waiting for the boots to arrive.

I'll be attending ConCarolina at the end of the month and wearing the Kingsguard suit then (and hopefully meeting GRRM there too!). I'll definitely get some good pictures then.
Here's some shots of my suit (now displayed in my living room!). :)

That looks awesome!!!! I'm about to start on my Nights Watch costume so if you don't mind I'd like to ask you a few (or many) questions.
I am the founder of The Watchers on the Wall cosplay group on Facebook (which was already mentioned above). We had a blast last year at DragonCon. And though I am in the Middle East right now, I will be coming back for a bit to partake again. The biggest difference is that we will all have proper black pelts this year along with some other accessories.

I am on the extreme right of the photo below. My armor is actually a brigandine made by WETA Workshop for the second Narnia film. I modified it heavily to get it to look more in tune with the general Night's Watch theme. My sword is an Odinblade Morrigan. I've got a bit more to do to the outfit as whole, hopefully it will be even better this year. Let's just say the week leading up to DragonCon this year will be crunch time for me while home on leave!

We got a little flak for using real animal hides from some PETA-type people, but by far and wide, people loved our group. James Cosmo (the actor that plays Lord Commander Mormont) really liked our gear, he signed our sword scabbards It was probably the best DragonCon I have attended in 15 years. Hopefully, we will also be expanding by a few members this year. :D

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Sarge.....You guys look freakin' awesome. You all are the ones I want at my back. I can't wait to get my armour. Gonna be a dark Scot/Celt nobleman with German-style armour and a huge axe. So cool. I'm so glad to see the folk around here easing up on the whole 'historically accurate' thing, That really bugs me. Once again...........Awesome. :D ......McM
Here's a link to the interview with GRRM I was a part of. Sadly, they didn't include any of the fan interview and none of their photos/group shots, but my costume did make the cut!

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