For Sale: Valiant Armory Castile XII
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have several swords for sale.

I don't really *want* to get rid of these, I like them all, but there are other hobbies that I do want to spend money on right now...

so, here are the s-words that I am willing to part with =)

From left to right: Albion Crecy (dark blue grip), semi-custom Gus Trim XIII 1326, Valiant Armory Castile, Ritter Arms Trojan.
[ Linked Image ]

I will take pay-pal, check, money order, whatever.
I will ship USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS - your preference.
I'll cover the first $25 of shipping.
Private message me, email me, whatever you like.

If you want any other pictures just let me know.
*for added security and comfort of the buyer*
When I ship the sword, I will send you a link with a single continuous video displaying the sword in the box, closed up in fron of your eyes on the counter of and delivered to the parcel service of your choice.

This Castile was my first-ever purchase. As a result, it is not it the pristine condition that my other swords are in. That is not to say that it is in bad condition. There is a little nick in the scabbard (pic below) and some shallow scratches on the blade. I'll try to polish them out before shipping it.
[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]

On the plus side, I have added a little metal to the pommel to make it look like it is peened. It came out pretty good. I really don't like hex nut assemblies.
[ Linked Image ]

The first-gen of this sword was a type Xa. The second-gen and beyond they made it a type XII. Mine is a XII. This is a plus for me, since the original for which it is modeled was a XII. See pic below
[ Linked Image ]

If you order from Valiant Armory you might have a wait. It will also set you back $479.
I'll let mine go for $350. =)
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Bumpity bump bump.

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