Arctic Fire 2013
Unless I am mistaken, there is yet no information thread about this event, which might be one of the most interesting things to happen this year:

Such a gathering of skilled swordsmiths from all around the world, all working towards a single goal is something to really look forward to!.
'Stoked' for this year's event!
If anyone is driving from Montreal to Alaska, I'm willing to share the gas fare....Or , in other words, why couldn't this take place in New York or Boston or Baltimore for that matter. Alaska ? Man, that is a ways off the beaten trail !
Well, Jean-Carle, if you make the first 4100 kilometers to northern Alberta, I'll drive the last 2700 to Anchorage.
This is going to be an even not to miss! I have been really looking forward to it since last year :)

Last year it was a closed set and not open to the public so I believe the only way you will be able to catch the action is either live, or with the purchase of the dvd.

You can also check out the facebook page,
thanks Jason,
Thanks Jason, but I think maybe I'll wait for the magic bus instead. Apparently it only takes myArmoury forumites, and runs from Florida to Quebec, back down to California via Chicago and the Midwest, then up along the coast through BC to Alaska ...itinerary and pick-up points should be posted any day now...
Ha! I'd take a ticket for that bus Jean-Carle.

In all seriousness I would love to attend, I was fascinated by the videos I saw of last years.
Anybody watch yesterday's vidcast? I watched the whole thing and really enjoyed seeing everyone at work. However, as much as I was enjoying the smithing what really got my attention was Jake Powning's work on the crossguard. Just very quietly and patiently shaping the wax bit by bit.

It was amazing to realize how much they accomplished yesterday but it was intimidating to see how much work they still have in front of them. All for a very short sword! Kind of gives me perspective on why custom swords cost so much - so much goes into them!

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