12th-1st century BC Gaul/Celtic weapons/armor/equipment
I have been looking for Gaul/Celtic weapons, armor and equipment from the 12th to 1st century. If anyone knows places the sell such items it would be a great help. So far i have only seen stuff of interest on http://www.wulflund.com/en. Also any help on making historically accurate garb would be nice too.
Do you mean from the 12th century *BC*? Because there weren't any "Celts" back then! What we know of a "Celtic" culture did not really emerge until the late Bronze Age, c. 8th century BC, and the La Tene phases only start about 400 BC, I think. (My main thing is Roman, just so you know!) And even with just 400 years, there's a lot of change and development in everything, so it's a good idea to nail it down to a tighter time and place if you can. On the other hand, evidence can be scanty in certain aspects, so it's possible that a simple wool tunic would be perfectly acceptable for quite a wide span of time and geography, for example.

In any case, you want the Kelticos board!


Go there and spend a day reading EVERYTHING, or at least everything about clothing, arms, and armor. Go back and read up on food and beer later. My general impression is that if someone on Kelticos doesn't have the answer to a question, the answer isn't known.

Wolflund should be used with caution. He does some great things, but also some very questionable things. Research first, THEN shop. And never use someone who is selling something as research!

Have fun, and good luck!


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