Windlass Create Your own modifications
Wanted to share some modifications I made to a Windlass create your own sword. Its a cheap enough sword that I have no regrets tearing it down and putting it back together and trying different things in terms of alterations. My reasons - 1) I find it fun and interesting. 2) It becomes truly my own 3) Usually I like the end result better than the original 4) I learn and become better at wood, metal and leather work.

Original sword as purchased from MRL - Overall I liked the sword but 2 features bugged me quite a bit. 1) The checkerboard pattern imprinted on the pommel. 2) the grip was super thin, not the profile but the thickness

Super thin grip, felt very odd

First thing I did was grind away the checkerboard. Then I blued the fittings some as well as the fuller. I realize the fuller being blued is prob. not very historical, but...

And finally I removed the old grip and hand carved a new one. I think I am going to leave it wood, as is to add some variety to my small collection.
Old grip without leather

I made the new grip Octagonal in shape and then cut in some grooves

Pretty neat upgrades Bryan.

These Windlass swords are a great platform to try out different ideas without the worry due to the cost. I have the same guard and grip on the one I have but with a different pommel.
That looks great. Nice improvements.
I do the same thing with swords I think I can improve as well. Good job i think it is a sure improvement.

Question what method did you use to blue the fittings and fuller?
I am almost always in favor of customization of factory swords, to get your hands dirty and make it your own if for no other reason. Good job.
Ryan Sh wrote:
I do the same thing with swords I think I can improve as well. Good job i think it is a sure improvement.

Question what method did you use to blue the fittings and fuller?

I used a gun blue gel, don't have the product in front of me, if you want the exact product just let me know. I basically wiped it on let it do its thing for some minutes and then wiped it off. Grey scotch brite pad after that to remove some of the darkness and even it out.

Thanks to all for the nice comments! I have not applied any top coat to the grip but I think I should. Some sort of polyurethane or something like that (any suggestions?) Also, I will probably stain it again to see if I can get a bit darker. The wood grain is not the greatest, it kind of took on a muddled stain when the stain was applied, but it looks rustic and I am OK with that.
If the wood you used is a soft wood (like pine) many stains suggest you use a soft wood conditioner. It makes the stain much more even. but at the same time i like the the rustic look so your call.

Post up the blue product if you remember it. I have used birchwood casey super blue but I have not gotten as even blueing as what you showed. I use 000 steel wool tho so perhaps I should try a Grey scotch brite pad.
Here is the gun blue product I used -

Birchwood Casey Perma Gun Blue Paste

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