Looking for well researched book on Arthurian Britain
All, I am looking for a well researched book on late Roman or Arthurian Britain. Don't want outlandish supposition based on a town name, or "who Arthur really was". Just want a well researched and documented history of Britain from 5th through the 7th centuries. Preferably a book written within the last five years that uses up to date archaeology and research that looks at political, social, and military aspects of that period.
Well, I recently read this book http://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/Offa-and-the-Mercian-Wars/p/3459/ and I think you would find quite a bit of good info about the period you are interested in. Offa is just one part of the book and you get plenty of info about Anglo Saxon migration to Britain and general British history, not just Mercian, from 5th century to unification of Britain by Alfred's successors... My favorite parts of the book also dealt with periods before Offa, I was particularly fascinated with Penda. :)

In over 20 years of reading all manner of 'academic' work on the period, from history to pseudo-history, I can honestly say that this is the only one in which the evidence, scant as it is, is presented honestly and everything else is presented as what it really is (supposition, fanciful misinterpretation or downright lies) with a bit at the end where the author (Guy Halsall) presents his own theories without loosing sight of the fact that they are exactly that; theories.

Highly recommended.
Yeah, have also read Offa and the Mercian Wars, well worth a read, Penda was a damned fascinating and dangerous man. Also The Viking Wars of Alfred the Great. Also recommend the Guy Hassell book. The big problem with Arthur is that there is virtually no evidence to actually prove the persons existence.Apart from couple of mentions of his name in documents that date to well after his death there really is very little factual proof for the guy and no actual physical or archeological evidence at all. So i suppose my point is that pretty much everything written about Arthur is, by necessity, speculation and supposition. If you want a different perspective on the 'town names' thing, read Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms by Alistair Moffat. He mounts a compelling argument that if there really was an historical Arthur he was from southern Scotland and possibly related to the Gododdin. Aside from that there is Battles of the Dark Ages by Peter Marren. Very interesting though it doesn't really cover Arthur, just battles and battlefields for which there is a fair degree of historical proof for. As for my next book, it's The Anglo Saxons at War 800 - 1066 by Paul Hill, should be interesting.

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