looking for 6mm mail!
Hello all,

I've been working towards getting my early 15th century harness towards completion and I just need one major thing to complete the kit, mail. Specifically 6mm riveted mail halberk, standard and aventail.

Ideally I'd like them to be blackened, but if need be, I can blacken them myself :cool:

I've come across Ice Falcon's page first but then saw GDFB's European site that had the same thing for about half the price. So, I wanted to ask if anyone know of any other U.S venders that carried 6mm riveted mail for decent prices.

Thanks in advance!

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Here is an example of 6mm mail, in this case an aventail from a bascinet from the Wallace collection
The 6mm mail that is imported from India lists the INSIDE diameter (ID) of their links. Museums and archaeologists list the OUTSIDE diameter of links. So the 6 mm Indian mail is really 8-9 mm in diameter and their 8mm mail is really 12-14 mm. If you want mail with links that are of a similar size to those on that helmet then you should be looking for 4-5mm ID links.
I can not really recommend the gdfb stuff. It's everything but historical maille as it is relatively cheap and heavy though if you want to go with something more suitable which is real 6mm, I recommend these armourers. They are expensive and not from America but they produce the highest quality of maille I've ever seen. Very decent quality.

400 eur for each kilo in the gambeson.pl.

Seems like a heavy price, has anyone bought from the site? How is that mail compared to Eriks?

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