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Up for sale are 3 military swords made in India by Universal Swords (supplying Armae and now Kult of Athena).

I am open to all kinds of offer. Paypal or Money Order.

1. A French Carabinier sword 1796.
45.5'' overall
39'' blade
44.5'' sword without scabbard
Heavy and clumsy, mostly for display. 150$

2. A French Hussar sword AN IV model 1795-96:
39'' overall
32'' blade
37.5'' sword without scabbard
Good for renactment, handling not terrible but decent Indian craftsmanship. 200$

3. A Polish 1934 sword.
40'' overall
32'' blade
37'' sword without scabbard
Like the AN IV hussar sword, handling is ok but still heavy for a saber. 150$