Del Tin blades
Hello, all
I have heard that Del Tin welds (or used to weld) the tangs of their swords to the blades. Is this true? I have been in the market for a war sword, and have been eying some of Del Tin's work, but I find a lot of conflicting information on an assortment of other forums, whith may be the result of old postings, or individuals buying older models that predate manufacturing updates. Can anyone tell me what the current standard of manufacture is for Del Tin?
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I know they have welded parts of the tang for some models at points in the past. Whether they still do, I'm not sure as I haven't bought a Del Tin in years.

Welds are bad when the weld is done badly. Welds can be very strong, though; welds hold our cars and bridges and buildings together after all. Some people are turned off of all welds because of badly done welds on other products. While I've heard of a few instances of Del Tin tang failures, they haven't been recent and I'm not sure if they were because of welding or not. Del Tins have been used by many people for many years and are now to be fairly tough.

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