If you had a chance to re-do the last 3 months...
If you had a chance to re-do the last 3 months, say if the server just crashed... What would you do differently?

I was thinking about how we just lost some posts on here and was trying to think of what I'd been writing, if it was anything I couldn't live without that had to be saved for posterity or the next cr... no.. that will never happen, never. No. Computers don't do that. Well, all former ones of mine have, one even produced black thick smoke one day.

Ok, so maybe it can theoretically happen again (I blame Billy Gates). But myArmoury will live on in our hearts until Nathan patches it up again. Because Nathan is a God, or Demigod. Or a really creative person at least.

Well, I came up with a blank about what to re-write except for some sillyness. So be silly. I dare you all. :)
You know, if you look back at the early Off-Topic threads, you see that it wasn't as arms and armor oriented as today, with topics such as "How to Bathe a Cat." I've thought a couple of times about doing some similar stuff, posting jokes, simply asking how everyone is doing, etc. 'Course, that doesn't quite fit the present Off-Topic forum description, so I don't know how that would go over if I made a habit of it. ;)

Yeah, that's kind of silly, right?

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