Any experience with Szymon Chlebowski?
Does anyone have any experience with this site?

Looking for a hand and a half, and he has got a few decent looking ones for a low price.
In our academy we did an order of about a dozen swords a year ago.


- Relatively cheap.

- Well made.

- Aesthetically he is one step above other Eastern European swordsmiths in his price range.


- A few swords were not made according to the specifications, like wrong kind of guard, shorter blades.

- BIG WARNING: Delivery took maaaaany more months than told in his first message. How many e-mails with the "They will be done next week" thing we received I cannot remember. It has to be said that he gave us two extra swords for free as a compensation, but he left a very bitter taste in the group.
Thank you for your reply ^^

Hmm. I'm not very keen on waiting that much. Still, his XIIIa looks better than most in that price range.
I'm pretty sure he does swords in many price/quality/historical accuracy range, here one myArmoury thread about higher shelf order.

Looking trough some polish boards, it seems reviews are very favorable, but sadly, some delays seem to appear indeed.
Aye, I've had one of his swords. Since my previous blade (different smith) broke, he was kind enough to take me over the line and deliver within 2 months time or so. The sword was OK, handled nicely, but it bent and stayed bent with every stab or strike to the flat of my sword, such as a Krump. Upon presenting this to Szymon, he said he'd replace the sword no problem. So I sent it back. This was almost a year ago - in the meantime, I had ordered and had to cancle 2 more of his swords because shit happened and the money went to more important things (this might have had something to do with the whole thing, though I hope not) - but so far, I've still not received the replacement blade. When I sent an email inquiring about the sword, the response was either "sorry for the delay, it'll be sent within the week" or "sorry for the delay, the sword has been sent." - this happened 5-6 times up until now. As for the swords: I saw some more of his swords - so far mine was the only one that was as soft, so I believe it was a mistake in HT. I just wish I knew when I'll get the sword back, if at all...

Also, yes, as far as I know, his swords arrive late very often....

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