Making a crossbow?
Hello all, I amoungst other things have been interested in making a munitions type crossbow (14th/15th C.), but with limited metal working tools and such will most likely need to out source most of the metal parts, so far I have come arcoss this site which has parts and this site which has kits, though looks as they use the same made parts.

Has anybody used either of these companies parts/kits? I read the Alchem parts are in need of finishing (easy enough) I am unsure with Slobow parts if they clean them up or leave them as are. I have looked at a couple of other sites but they were more full bows.
Also as with the above sites they have different prod sizes which at this stage I an unsure of?

I am wanting to go with bow irons, but unsure on the trigger/lock at this stage, I will need to do some more research into this as I want to try and go as historicaly as I can, and see how I do first time around, at least should I have the parts I can remake what ever fails ahah.

So yes any info/help etc. would be most, well helpful...
cheers Jim.
You should check out Tod and his crossbows. He could probably make you any part you need for a DIY crossbow. The quality of his work is outstanding. I have a crossbow with hardware from Tod and it shoots like a rifle.
Yes I have looked at Todds Stuff, and his bows are mean! if I had a spare $1000 I would look into it, trouble is post from England costs a bundle as with Europe, the States is a bit more acessable to me as there dollar isn't to high, pounds sterling are twice our dollar!..
Hi Jimmi,

I've got two old steel prod crossbows and I've been thinking of doing a retro-fit on one for a while now.
Might give you some ideas, there must be plenty out there.
Here are pics of the two I've got. Origin unknown!

you can also get parts from for plans and info look at Iolo's book.
So talking to other crossbow builders. I believe that Slobows make some of Alchems prods. Slobow's seems to have a good turn turn around on sending the prods out and haven't heard of any issues but they may have some of the same issues that Alchems prods do, as they make some of them.
I know there have been some complaints that Alchem will take a LONG time to ship the prod when ordered.

Not sure if you have checked this place out: They have some topics on both prods and some tips on cleaning them up so you won't break strings.

Hope that helps some, if there are other questions just ask.

I currently shoot a period crossbow from New World Arbalist w/ bow irons so I can give some insight into that as well.

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