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So I have an Albion Tiberius Gladius with a beautiful KOA leather scabbard, very appropriate for the time period.

See link: This is my Tiberius! Must have been the first one KOA got in.

Also link to an almost identical scabbard.

I've treated the scabbard with neatsfoot oil and dubbin for suppleness, and mineral oil so that it won't molder or rust the blade.

Can happily provide current photos to any interested parties.

I have NEVER cut with the sword. Don't ask me why, I just haven't got around to it.

Though I love the sword DEARLY I have always also wanted an Albion Sheriff for a long time.

I can't see another way of affording a Sherrif in the near future though without parting with my Tiberius.

That's ok though, if it is for a Sheriff.

I'm happy to take a Sherrif with a nick or scratch or two, I believe they are part of the life of a sword, even a well treated one, and thoroughly believe they add character. My Albion Tiberius has one tiny (2mm) dint in the pommel near the grip, which I didn't notice until I'd had it for a while, but I believe may have been shipped that way.

The Tiberius currently goes for 745 US on KOA and the scabbard for 129.95 US. Total 874.95 USD.

The Sheriff is selling for 815 US on KOA.

So I figure, an outright swap is fair, and I'll absorb the difference. I'd want to put it through Paypal and would send the freight registered and tracked, and expect likewise. I would expect we could both absorb shipping ourselves, but I'm open to negotiations on all points if any sticking points arise.

Look forward to hearing from you!