Best long land pattern Brown Bess reproduction?
Hello, I was wondering what manufacturer makes the best Brown Bess repro. Any ideas?
Order parts from Track of the Wolf, and take them to a gun builder near you. India guns have way too much wood on them, and arent asthetically pleasing. Pedersoli may make a good gun but they have "MADE IN ITALY" stamped all over the barrel.
The Pedersoli is a good gun, but it's not a true Long Land Pattern (it's the later Short Land Pattern, as used in the F&I wars, American Revolution, etc.). The only mass-available long land pattern muskets are the India-made ones which are available from several vendors. They're okay (aesthetics may be a bit off, and they are not drilled for firing), but if you want a completely accurate and high-quality version I think the previous poster is spot on -- get a kit from The Rifle Shoppe or Track of the Wolf and build it yourself/Have it built by a competent gunsmith (fyi Track of the Wolf also has complete muskets by custom makers, and sometimes a custom-built Long Land will show up there. But be warned, they are priced accordingly....)
Re: Best long land pattern Brown Bess reproduction?
Jonah Marlow wrote:
Hello, I was wondering what manufacturer makes the best Brown Bess repro. Any ideas?

The best mass produced Bess comes from Pedersoli. I have had one for 27 years and am very pleased with it. Aside from the markings, the only problems are the finish on the barrel and the metal. Mine came with polyurethane on the stock and the barrel. I got that off with a furniture stripper, then stained the wood to a darker color, followed by an oil finish. Left the steel in the white. Over the years I have let it age and mellow and it has gotten dinged up quite a bit. It is a good shooter but I have used it mostly for firing blanks in reenactments.

Track does provide very good parts but, as Josh mentioned, unless you have experience building a muzzle loader or two or three, the task may be a bit daunting. The metal is rough cast requiring a lot of finishing, and hardening where necessary, like the frizzen. Track's kits are basically a pile of semi-finished parts and taking it to an experienced builder may be a better idea. The cost will be much higher than the Pedersoli, which is running in the range of $1000 right now - but it will be worth it.

Good luck.
Good point on the experience part. For some reason no one makes an ssembled bess lock. You have to file, drill, etc. finish their locks from parts. If you don't have experience with this, it's a daunting task. Same thing with The Rifle Shop's parts. Also, if you're in a hurry, The Rifle Shop is not your friend, lol. You could wait as much as two years for parts from them, and their customer service is non-existant. IMO people only buy from them (and keep them in business) because they offer such unique products that they have the consumer over a barrel.

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