Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on and the facebook fan page over the past month -

Civil War M1853 socket bayonet (featured 10/22)
U.S. Civil War 1860 heavy cavalry saber (fresh pictures 10/21)
GDFB arming jack - white (featured 10/20)
Great bascinet (featured 10/19)
Classic medieval arming sword (featured 10/18)
antique Maasai / Mau Mau seme (new, added 10/17)
Spangenhelm - flared nasal (featured 10/16)
Scottish sgian dubh (featured 10/15)
16th century Scottish claymore (featured 10/14)
Skeggox bearded axe (featured 10/13)
German/Swiss zweihander greatsword (featured 10/12)
Scottish lowlander greatsword (featured 10/11)
Reinforced kettle helm (new, added 10/10)
Scottish smallsword (featured 10/09)
Sinclair saber /cutlass / dusagge (featured 10/08)
Reenactor's war axe (new, added 10/07)
Nepalese kukri - Himalayan Imports kobra (featured 10/06)
Haubergeon with dome riveted 9mm alternating flat rings (new, added 10/05)
Hauberk with dome riveted 9mm alternating flat rings (new, also added 10/05)
Cobra Steel kindjal (featured 10/04)
Tinker Pearce bastard sword (featured 10/03)
Thorpe falchion (featured 10/02)
German Gothic mitten gauntlets (featured 10/01)
English sallet with bevor (featured 09/30)
Bollock dagger (featured 09/29)
14th century knight's arming sword (fresh pictures 09/28)
Norman arming sword (featured 09/27)
Sempach halberd head (featured 09/26)
Italian longsword (featured 09/25)
Cervelliere helmet (featured 09/24)
Archer's gambeson - black (on sale 09/23)

All of these listings can most easily be found linked on the Daily Updates, Recent Additions, and Featured Items catalog page -

Wisdom of the month:

"This is also one of the true core techniques in the handwork; for when your opponent rushes upon you with quick and swift devices, you can stop and hinder him with no other technique better than with the slice, which you shall hold in stock for yourself among all techniques as a particular gem to discover." -- Joachim Meyer, 1570