This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I'm selling my VA Savoy. It's the first medieval sword i've owned, and i realised what i really want is a type XV or XVIa sword. So i ordered an Albion Crecy a few weeks ago.

The blade is like new. It have never been used to cut anything, not even plastic bottles. No scracthes or dings on he blade. The blade is very sharp, it can cut paper easily. No mods have been done on it. It's stock. It came assembled with a hex nut. I bought it on the Valiant armoury website in april 2012. The handle is black and the scabbard is brown (like seen on Kult of Athena website).

The sword come with the scabbard and the belt.

I'm from Canada, I can ship pretty much anywhere, i don't mind. Shipping to USA is around 45$ fully insured.
I'm not sure how much i can get for the sword.

I'm asking 320$ + shipping. I started it at 350$ + shipping on the SBG forum, and dropped the price to 320$ + shipping, which is pretty much my final price.

I will post pictures here later, but for the moment you can see the pictures i posted on the SBG forum :;t=13272