I have for sale a variation set of arms with integral spaulders that we used to sell. Made from 16 gauge steel they have outwardly rolled and beveled edges where appropriate. They have slot turning rebraces and bracers and hand made buckles and steel strap ends with light decorative file and chisel work. Bracers are size adjustable. The top plate of the spaulders are set with two eyelets for pointing but I can install buckles as well if desired. The elbow cops have a medial ridge and the pair is fully strapped. I have a 15 inch biscept, 13 inch forearm, am about 13 inches from the top of the shoulder to the elbow and about 11.5 inches from the elbow to the wrist and these fit me fine. I'd like to get $230.00 plus shipping which is considerably less than we used to sell these for.

Feel free to ask questions. Paypal, check or money order is fine.

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variant arms with integral spaulders pair reduced.jpg

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variant arm with integral spaulder on straight reduced.jpg

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variant arm with integral spaulder on bent reduced.jpg

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variant arm with integral spaulder elbow close up reduced.jpg

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14th century arm bracer reduced.jpg

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new 14th century arms bracer close up reduced.jpg

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spaulder buckle reduced.jpg