Antiqued finish Hanwei swords...
This may be an already answered question here, but I cant find it. Does anyone know what method Hanwei uses to get this "antiqued" effect? From the close-up pics I've seen, it looks sprayed on...almost like crinkle paint. And, if it is an external effect, how durable is it? Reason being for asking...I feel a Lowlander in my not too distant future. I want the old rustic patina, but I want it to look real. (BTW: If you have not seen it already, take a look at the SBG review "This Is It !" of the Lowlander. Looks like a pretty decent tang...But the thread-on pommel...oh well...) I may just get the polished version and age it myself, depending on the feedback. Thanks guys! ............mcm.
I have this sword, and the blade will patina nicely, but the furniture might be stainless, I have never had to clean the cross or pommel. I believe you are right that the patina is a spray on treatment. I would get the antiqued version for the darkened furniture, and then clean off the blade and age it using one of the methods in the "instant antique" article. Since its threaded you can age the blade without messing with the cross or pommel. Can't wait to see the pictures!
I have a Hanwei antiqued basket-hilt. Funny thing, the basket is antiqued but the blade is 'bright'... anyway, I'm fairly sure they use some kind of acid dip or etchant rather than a spray; more uniform and easy coverage. Haven't tried to polish it up as I like the antique look, personally, and honestly it doesn't bother me. It looks quite natural to me.

Mind you, I haven't actually handled any antiques in person, so I cannot verify the authenticity of its looks...

Here's a picture:

About the only thing I might change is to give it some gentle 'wear marks' on the left side of the basket, to reflect it rubbing against clothes/belt while hanging on the side of my body. It's easy to forget about that kind of small detail...

The blade is a whole 'nother story though, but I'll leave that for another day!
The latest Lowlander has an antiqued blade, as well as the darkened furntiture - I would not call it aged. Do not know about the process however.
I bet Ryan would answer your question, he was very helpful with my Kult of Athena purchases. You should E-mail him at
I bought one of their cutlasses, I think they called it the Revolutionary war hanger, or something. Anyhow, it had that antiquing on it and I didnt like it. I think its sprayed on. I buffed it off with a scotch-brite pad, and it looked much better. Before it looked like black sprayed on crap, afterwards it had a dull grey luster that resembled more of an antique finish. I really like how it came out. The hilt on my sword was stainless btw.

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