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Hello, I donīt forget the pictures. But I am still working at 8 pavises at the moment. But the middle is already carved. When I will start the next ones , I will make Pictures for you.

Best regards
I am looking for grips for 15th cenutres pavises , but not Y-shape. The best with handle for forearm.
Any source?
Yours faithfully
I'm a bit at a loss over the many shapes of pavises. It seems a Pavise is a special construction of a shield with a central ridge of shaped soft wood and otherwise glued planks for non-curved surfaces. Is there a different definition?

There are two applications, giant standing and small and handy. The giant standing ones are carried and can be propped up.
The smaller handy versions are individual protection for close combat.
I'm not sure if there's a kind of middle ground, a carried, not handheld, pavise that is quite large and utilized with a fighting style that moves around this "wall" - utilizing a short sword - under duress. This would reflect the requirements of crossbowmen who need cheap armour and a chance to survive an enemy rush at them.
The handheld small pavise is sometimes shown in combination with a long metal faced spike. It would make sense if you hold that item and don't consider your legs top targets. It can serve in close combat by dictating an opponent when he can't close under cover of his large shield. Are there any ideas what this is for?
The protruding "ram" on the top of many large standing pavises makes some sense for combining into a roofed shield walls, additional to the rings and hooks, but I've seen no depictions of such shield roofs. Any other purpose for them?

The Flemish pavise depicted here is a completely different shape, so far I've seen no application of this idea other than mounted combat of lancers and tournaments. Why should this be typified a pavise? Same goes for the rounded burgundian pavise.
Thought we should share our New Pavise
Hi all, we have just finished our new Pavise, and thought we should post a link to our website with more information on it.. ...



That is lovely. Well done. The painting on it is extraordinary!

Thanks Randall, we are thinking what to do for the next one... but I must say it was possibly the most enjoyable project we have done to date... :)
Very pretty Alex. Enjoyed the article on the Lubeck jack too. Some people have a lot of patience...

Hiya Griff, fancy seeing you here... :)

thanks for the compliment... time is not a issue when finances are not involved... part of the luxuries of being a hobbyist..
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