Need help for wheres best to purchase from
Hi, first time here. Been looking around online for where is best in quality for a replica viking battle axe. I have been looking on Southernswords and history-revisited, but having never purchased from any of these sites anybodies guidance and opinions would be a great help to me. Thanks, Lauren.
Hi Lauren,

Welcome to myArmoury. Sorry, I don't have experience with either Southernswords or History-Revisited. I can assure you though, that there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks on this site who can help you in your search.

The first question is, what kind of replica are you looking for? The replica market is very broad.

There are lots of "Viking" inspired replica pieces on the market which are intended to look cool at a RenFaire type event or hanging on your wall, but bear little resemblance to an actual weapon. On the other end of the spectrum are fine smiths like Owen Bush or Jeff Helmes, who will craft you exacting replica axes based on archeological finds using authentic period construction techniques.

If you are looking for a replica axe which is a functional weapon designed along historical patterns, I can offer a couple recommendations.

This axe from Benjamin Rial is pretty representative of Viking axes from the 9th through early 10th centuries. It is a dual purpose axe functioning as camp-tool and weapon.

Arms & Armor has a Petersen Type L fighting axe in their limited editions which is really nice. It's representative of later 10th and 11th century axes, which are more specialized weapons. I have this one and like it a lot. is a good site with quite a bit of information on Viking period culture and equipment, worth checking out.
Good Luck,

Christian Borglum

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Hi Lauren,

Owen Bush has a few Viking axes of different forms and sizes listed as available for sale on his site.

The gallery shows a number of the other forms he's made previously. If the to $ exchange rate and shipping didn't hurt so much, I'd have one his pattern-welded axes, they're wickedly beautiful...
Hello, and welcome to the forum.

I haven't heard of either vendors, but I have heard that Gransfors Bruks makes good axes.

Good luck!
Gransfors Bruks, while excellent pieces, are more workmanlike than necessarily actual battle axe types; they only have one axe that is specifically a 'Viking' axe, the rest are reproductions of working axes from the medieval and Viking era, although I'm certain they could still put a dent into your target of choice!

Avery Pierce (whom I believe you can contact through SBG) is an excellent axe smith, I've seen his work in person and it's very good.

I believe Tinker Pearce may have made an axe or two, but I'm not sure...

Baltimore Knife and Sword also make axes.

Benjamin Rial makes small axes; I'm certain he's capable of larger.
Thanks a lot guys! I am clueless at this stuff, it is as a gift for my partner. He's very big on norse mythology and the sort, so thought it would make an excellent gift.
Hi Lauren,

Granfors bruks make lovely axes and their Viking battle axe is nice and you could get one from the Weald and Downland museum in Singleton but it is not cheap as good things rarely are.

For the same kind of money you could buy a custom piece from Jeff Pringle in the States or Owen Bush here in the UK and seeing as you are UK, in my book there is no choice but Owen. From what I have seen few can touch these two.

For a little less than the Grunsfors piece you could get the Arms and Armour piece, which is also very nice, but shipping will be pricey. They can however ship the head here and get it hafted locally and sent on to you for a saving.

I realize you are in the UK, but please allow me to put in a word for Jim Austin here in the US. His work is second to none, in my opinion, and his research on the construction of Viking-age axes has enhanced our understanding of how these weapons were made by Viking-age smiths.

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