Crusader Monk: Del Tin 5143 14th C Hand and a Half Sword
A customer of mine recently did a good amount of work to his Del Tin 5143 14th Century Hand and a Half Sword, including adding a rainguard, a regrip, and repeening to make it tight. Here is the sword in question:

I went to work and did a scabbard which would accent the swords unique appearance, giving it a functional, yet classy home to rest in between campaigns. :)

The leather cover is done in an antique tan finish with risers to match the general aesthetic of the piece. The chape is a simple affair, being done in chocolate brown leather rather than steel - as it matches better with the completed package. The hand-tied suspension, suspension straps, and belt are all done in the same chocolate brown to match the grip of the sword and the rainguard. The rainguard of the sword fits over the throat of the scabbard nicely, with a riser marking the resting point of the rainguard itself - the scabbard does extend under this guard all the way to the sword's cross. The belt is decorated in celtic square stamps, with opposing griffon shield stamps near the buckle and the tip.

I really like the way the color combination works with this package, it gives the sword a great antique look and sets the blade off really well. :D

Looks very nice. I have one of these Del Tins - needs a scabbard. :-)
William Swiger wrote:
Looks very nice. I have one of these Del Tins - needs a scabbard. :-)

Thanks for the compliment. You've an open invitation to send it along, I'll hook it up nice for ya. :D

On a related note, I have been working on Del Tins endlessly the last month or so. Definately see more of them in my shop than anything else, many times over. Tuned up, they are solid swords for the money. I have got to handle several models I have not held before, and I've got some definate ideas of what I want to do with a few of them for my own collection.

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