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THE WINNERS: Win More Windlass!
Hi Everybody!

We just finished our Win More Windlass contest! This contest celebrated our ninth anniversary and kicked off our yearly donation drive. The donation drive was a huge success and now it's time to give some new Windlass Steelcrafts swords away to two lucky winners.

[ Linked Image ]

The contest winners have randomly been chosen!

Here they are along with the prize that each has won:

Michael Eging wins the Windlass Steelcrafts Towton Sword:

[ Linked Image ]

Colt Reeves wins the Windlass Steelcrafts Italian Cut and Thrust Sword:

[ Linked Image ]


Please take a moment to give your congratulations to the winners!

Thanks goes out to everybody who contributed to our annual donation drive. The proceeds just from this drive paid for this last year's purchase of a new motherboard on the server, the annual hosting bill, a couple other outstanding bills, and even allowed us to keep a bit in our coffers. Our appreciation goes out to myArmoury.com member and previous contest winner Michael Quinlan for donating the two swords given away today.

Expect more contests shortly. I have the prizes already lined up. Fun stuff!

To review the details of this contest, please visit the Contest Announcement.
Congrats guys and thank you Nathan for another cool contest.
Congratulations gentleman! Enjoy your new toys :D
Whoo hoo, congratulations to those who won. I really love the style of the Towton sword and fancied it as my first bastard sword. Seeing as how it has long been discontinued could anybody recommend a simliar sword?
What a surprise! It made my day. Thank you! I have wanted to play with this sword for a very long time!

Congratulations, folks! Enjoy!
Congratulations! These contests are wonderful stories!
Thank you everybody!
lol, I logged in just a day late to get in on this one. :)

Congrats to the winners!
I almost missed the contest myself. Happened to check out the site last night and saw the deadline was mere hours away, thought to myself "Eh, I won't win, but it's the thought that counts", and entered. I'm glad I did. ;)

Thank you Nathan for running this site and doing the contests, and thank you Michael for providing the prizes. I have to say that like Sean Flynt in the announcement thread, I am surprised to learn how historically accurate (at least in general appearance) this cut and thrust is. That's not something you see out of Windlass every day.
Congratulations! Both pieces are very nice.
Well congratulations to the lucky winners! These are very nice swords you got there, enjoy them.
You two lucky sods! Have fun with your new toys!

Best wishes,
congrats guy enjoy those new blades im jelous
My congratulations to Michael and Colt!

Mike Q.
Congrats on the win guys!
Michael and Colt - you lucky guys - especially Colt, who entered at the last minute.

Here is another photo of a Towton for Michael to contemplate until he gets it in his hand.

 Attachment: 19.96 KB

Congratulations, guys! I really envy the Michael for the Towton, very, very nice sword!
Congratulations to Michael and to Colt who was really lucky to come in before the deadline. ;) :lol: :cool:

Let us know your impressions of the swords when you get them.
The Winners
Colt and Michael,

Congratulations to you! Both of these pieces are appealing; hope to hear a bit of feedback from you. Would imagine that Michael will be receiving a few PMs about he can dispose of that Towton!

And to Michael Quinlan ... Thanks for your generosity!

congradulations to both winners and thanks again to nathan for this great contest (even though i missed this one :) ) please leave us feedback on both of em espacialy that towton ;)
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