Wedding knives
A friend of mine from our fencing group is getting married this weekend and I needed some personal gift for him and his spouse. So here it goes - "wedding knives" inspired by historical examples in "Knives and Scabbards" and their marvelous reproductions by Mr. Todeschini. Im not fully satisfied with the result, but it will have to do...
This time I also partially documented the process.
First photo shows blades cut from a strip steel. Second shows them with holes for rivets drilled and decorative hearts filed, and after quenching and tempering. (both pictures show also a third knife, posted in another thread).
And then, after several hours of work, the final result plus some details. The bigger knife combines horn and brass on the handle, the smaller knife only bone (with brass rivets).

EDIT - I have realised that the pictures are in reversed order, sorry for that.

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i was actually asked by a couple to make a 'wedding knife' i thought it was an odd request at the time. the bride knew i was working in metal and that i made knifes along with various other things. of all the other things i was making at the time she requested a knife with the bride and groom's name engraved. instead i did a little step up and inlayed their names i got a :eek: when they saw it. i didn't base mine on anything historical i just went for a little more of the art of the blade.

file work has a lot of little details to do with it, it's good work Radovan.

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