Howdy, folks.

Here are the daily updates I have posted on and the facebook fan page over the past month -

You'll notice that I'm starting to list a lot of one-of-a-kind items and sometimes more than the usual one new thing a day. This trend will continue and accelerate this next month, as I'll be clearing out the armory and workshop for items that can go to new homes (and not-so-coincidentally help me cover some unexpected expenses.) This will begin to include more antiques from around the world, so keep your eye on the website and facebook!

Wisby coat of plates (yard sale, one available 09/22)
Greek helmet with horsetail crest (featured 09/21)
Steel rotella shield (featured 09/20)
Forged feast/utility knife (new, added 09/18)
Forged feast/utility knife twisted grip (new, also added 09/18)
Leather Viking helmet (fresh pictures 09/18)
Layered gambeson XXL (yard sale, one available 09/17)
German bastard/hand-and-half sword - Wallace A477 (featured 09/16)
T-face barbute helmet (featured 09/15)
Coppergate helmet (featured 09/14)
Swiss halberd head (new, added 09/13)
Cawood viking sword (featured 09/11)
Custom ordered Churburg #13 breastplate (yard sale, one available 09/11)
100% cotton padded gambeson (yard sale, one available 09/10)
Norman sword - sharp (featured 09/09)
Roman legion helmet (featured 09/08)
Sword of Bramham Moor (listed on closeout 09/07)
Tinker Pearce Great Sword of War (featured 09/06)
Coyote jaw grip obsidian dagger (fresh pictures 09/05)
Svord peasant knife (featured 09/04)
Universal baldric (featured 09/03)
Indestructible dagger waster (featured 09/02)
Confederate D-guard Bowie knife (featured 09/01)
Padded collar - white / natural (featured 08/31)
Adam Hsu jian (featured 08/30)
Padded collar - black (featured 08/29)
GDFB arming cap - white / natural (featured 08/28)
Phyrgian nasal helmet (featured 08/27)
Gjermundbu helm (featured 08/26)
Axe-Gang hatchet (featured 08/25)
Francisca axe (featured 08/24)
14ga shield boss - small (featured 08/23)

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and here it is, your wisdom of the month:

And when he enters the combat,
let every man of good lineage
think of nothing but splitting heads and hacking arms;
for it is better to die than to live in defeat.
-- Bertran de Born, ca.1184