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I'm offering my vintage Del Tin Cinquedea for sale. The standard wood grip has been covered in authentic red velvet, and a custom sewn up the back sheath with silver throat is included. The sword is in very nice condition, edges are moderately sharp. This is from the days when MRL first offered Del Tins, and they had the little "running wolf" marks on the blade. There is a small brass ring welded to the silver throat for hanging the sword from a belt. Stats are:

Overall length: 23.5"
Blade length: 16.75"
Blade width at hilt: 2.75"
Cross width: 6.5"
Grip length: right at 4"
Weight: approximately 2 pounds.

I'd like to get $265 for this classic piece, and this will include shipping, insurance and any paypal fees (in 48 states). Feel free to make offers, though. Thanks for looking!