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I am selling my Windlass 500918 German hunting sabre.

This sabre has been in my collection for 3 years and is in mint condition.

The sabre measures ca. 99cm from the tip to the top of the pommel and weighs ca. 1.1kg without and ca. 1.4kg with the scabbard.

The sharpened blade is made of 1060 high carbon steel and has a full tang that is peened to an elongated steel pommel.

The handle is made of stained hardwood and the steel crossguard incorporates a vertical bar and sidering to protect the swordhand.

The scabbard is made of brown leather and comes with a steel locket and chape.

My price for this Windlass sabre is 400 + 35 worldwide shipping.

I accept PayPal :)

For hi-res images feel free to PM or e-mail me:

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