Places to see in Stockholm
Hi guys,

On Thursday I will be in Stockholm. What places would you recommend me to visit? Both history-related and simply recreational. I have found a thread here named "Visit to the Royal Armoury and Army Museum in Stockholm" so obviously these are the two places I should visit. Anything else? Any advice is welcome.
Runestones in the parks of Stockholm, and I strongly suggest taking a short train ride to Vallentuna, Runriket - Rune kingdom. :-) Tons of runestones, some even arranged in a causeway, beautyful location... There's also Täby church with medieval fresco of chess game with death, which was inpiration for Bergmann's Seventh Seal.
Aleksei, just the one day?

If so, then I think you're going to have to make some tough choices depending on what you're really interested in.
THe Historiska Museet cannot be missed if you're interested in pre-history, Migration era, Vendel/Valsgarde, Viking or medieval periods.

Also essential is a trip to see the Vasa, the best example of a 17th century warship in the world.

If only you had more time, Stockholm is brimming with excellent museums and that's before you even take into account taking the ferry out to Birka which is, again, an experience not to be missed.
I greatly enjoyed the Vasa Museum...walking about an early XVII century warship was awesome.

If your interest primarily lies in arms and armour related experiences, I would recommend the Historiska Museet (, as has already been mentioned.

The Royal Armouries ( does not have many weapons on display but among what is exhibited there are some pretty interesting pieces. Absolutely worth a visit.

For post 1500 stuff, you have the Army Museum ( Good display of later era stuff. Focus partly on Sweden as the super power back in the bad old days.

The Wasa ship museum is spectacular ( A world unique exhibit of a nearly intact 17th century ship that was salvaged from the bottom of the sea in the 1950`s. A jaw dropping experience.

In central stockholm, smack under the house of parliament, is situated the museum of medieval stockholm ( Some reconstructed street scenes (-well made!) and many every day objects on display. A section deals with the medieval defence of stockholm. You will see a knight in gothic armour made by Albert Collins (a top quality armorer: check as well as the original sword that was the basis for Albion Armorer´s Tritonia (together with my hand forged reconstruction w. scabbard).

If you have time for an outing or two, you should absolutely consider a visit to Birka/Björkö ( This is where the viking "city" of central Lake Mälaren was situated in the mid to late viking period. No remains today but a very telling landscape and good guided tours make the place come alive. I did forging demonstrations there many years ago, showing viking period iron work methods. It was a very special experience to spend a few weeks on this magical island. Beautiful and very evocative.

Another incredible place is Skokloster Castle ( A 17th century castle built in 16th century style. In the rooms are surviving period original furnitur and decor. There are two armouries. One dates from the building of the castle and is rich with an incredible plethora of top quality wheel lock rifles, pistols, armour and swords of the early to mid 17th century. All part of the original collection amassed by the builder of the castle. I have done many study visits there, documenting a number of the swords. There are treasures there of a quality that is no where else to be found in sweden. Most guided tours make only a short visit in the armoury, so it might benefit you to contact the museum and ask for a special show of only the armory. Sometimes they can accommodate such requests.

-It all depends on how much time you have to spend. A week would still keep you busy every day.
Whatever you choose of the above would probably make for an interesting and memorable visit.
Thanks to everyone for your advice. Thanks to that we had a great time. Now I want to go to Stockholm again, but this time for at least 3 days :)

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