Would these styles be seen in England?
Having read a number of post by other members, recently and just by looking at a number of books has caused me wonder if any of these styles would have Appeared in England?

Gothic Armour
I ask this as in a recent topic it was stated that this armor would be rather rare and was hardly seen, the Milanese style(with it's large Pauldrons and Vambraces ) being dominate. At first this view seemed to be supported by the book English Medieval Knight 1400-1500. Recently though I saw the cover for the Osprey book The Wars of the Roses (Men-at-arms) ( I am aware that neither of these books are concrete, or necessarily reliable sources) which seems to show a illustration of a Gothic style of armor on it's cover.

Example of Gothic armor


This style of helmet seems to have been quite popular in Italy, and I understand that armor from Milan was very popular in England. Therefore I am wondering, if there would have been Barbutes in England?

S and ring type guards
Would either of these guard types have been seen in England?

Albion Earl

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, sorry it is so long.
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I would stay away from a barbute they are mainly italian helmets (you almost see none in burgundian, english or german period artwork)

the high gothic armor like the sigmund armor comes in to play at the last decennia of the 15th century.

and england has it's own distinctive armour style.

they also imported loads of italian, german and burgundian armor(wich also had there own distinctive styles)

and to make it really simple they made italian export armor in the burgundian style in germany and visa versa.

armor is a really big topic on its own

if you have more questions please feel free to ask

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burgundian style armor in england

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