Polish Nadziak
I've recently become interested in the Polish nadziak (war hammer). From what I've found so far online, they were popular in the 16th through 18th centuries, both as weapons (on horseback and on foot) as well as acting as a gentleman's walking stick. A fearsome weapon, it was banned 3 separate times (while the sabre was not).

What I'm asking is has anyone else done any research into these? Come across any examples in museums (if so, measurements?) Or, has anyone seen any manuals, etc. that speak to this weapon?

Any help is appreciated.
http://www.jasinski.co.uk/wojna/spirals/s-hammer.htm is a website that has a brief description and images.
Here are some antique examples:






The translation of Kitowicz text lacks general description:

Weapon was supposed to be waist lenght, with a globe/ball on the end, pommel like, inch diameter haft, and hammer "alike shoemakers" and with spike, axe, or bent spike at the end.

Also mentions that both pommel and striking part would often be from brass, or even silver.

Those museal one seem to be more "standard" lenght of 50 - 90 cm, probalby military ones, instead of civilian.

Hope this helps.
Here's a couple websites where you should be able to find something, or
maybe even contact someone :



good luck !
Question: Are the hafts generally solid on these, or are some of them like pipes?

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